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MAAP Participants
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Participant Criteria:


  • Asian American professional interested in exploring professional development process with a mentor
  • Commitment to developing new personal/professional skills through four 1:1 mentoring meetings and two network convenings


  • 5-10 years professional experience
  • Supervisory/ management experience preferred (but not necessary)
  • Well-rounded personal and professional background, i.e. experience with community involvement, volunteerism, etc

Program Fee:

The program has been designed to benefit the mentees as well as the mentors to improve their capacity for strong relationship building, sharpen their analytical skills, and to further master the art of the dialogue.  Because of the mutually beneficial nature of the program philosophy and design, the program participation fees apply equally for both mentees as well as mentors.         

  • Free for OCA Members       
  • $40 Non-OCA Members which includes one year of OCA Membership (opt-in)

*Fees are waived for UPS Employees

Note that the mentoring meetings that are arranged between the mentoring pairs may take place over coffee or lunch. The costs associated with mentoring meetings will be the responsibility of the mentoring teams


Time Commitment 

Program cycle spans approximately three (3) months which includes the  four (4) one-on-one mentoring sessions and the three (3) network convenings of half day sessions on Saturdays, meeting approximately every three to four weeks. 

The program design calls for the mentoring team meetings (one-on-one sessions) lasting at least an hour to hour and a half--at least four times over the course of the program cycle. 


Month 1

  • Week 1 Program Orientation & Introduction to MAAP  
  • Week 2    
  • Week 3 1:1 meeting: Networking  
  • Week 4  

Month 2

  • Week 5 1:1 meeting: Communication & Negotiation  
  • Week 6    
  • Week 7 Mid Way Convening:  Networking, Communication & Negotiation  
  • Week 8  

Month 3

  • Week 9 1:1 meeting: Collaborative Decision Making  
  • Week 10    
  • Week 11 1:1 meeting: Leadership  
  • Week 12    
  • Week 13 Concluding Convening: Social Responsibility and Career Planning

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