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Lifetime Members
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Thank you to our Lifetime OCA Members!

Ken Yeung   Arkansas

Rosemary Abriam and Steven Lee At Large

Ann Elizabeth Chan At Large

Hardy W. Chan   At Large

Wai Ching Lam At Large

Marjorie Lee   At Large

Mary and Fred Lee At Large

Robert Wu At Large

Alex Mark   At Large

Paul and Wendy Leung At Large

Sonya Gong and Shane M. Jent Central Illinois

Leslie Moe-Kaiser Central Illinois

Johnny and Anne Hsu Colorado

Raymond Wu Columbus

Grace Chen and David Hind Columbus

Colin Chang Dallas/Fort Worth

Felix Chao   Dallas/Fort Worth

Joe N. and Loanne Chiu Dallas/Fort Worth

William Kwan   Dallas/Fort Worth

Frances Leung Dallas/Fort Worth

Kai Tung Li   Dallas/Fort Worth

S.B. Woo Delaware

Chi-Ming Chow   Detroit

Gregory Christopher and Majorie Chin Detroit

Karl Frank Rosenberger   Detroit

Claire Faith Weinan Detroit

Clyde Wu   Detroit

Moses & Margie Wu Detroit

Aiden Yee   Detroit

Ai Zhen Xu & Qu Zhou Detroit

William C. Uy   East Bay

Peter and Mingfeng Chang Eastern Virginia

Richard Cheng   Eastern Virginia

Caron Sang and Frank C.S. Fang  Eastern Virginia

Nancy Mah   Eastern Virginia

Stanley Tseng  Eastern Virginia

Joyce Wang and Dr. Leon Ru-liang Eastern Virginia

Pearl Lin Fairfield

Miriam Yeung and Haratio Yeung Fairfield

Ken & Ashley Lee Georgia

Alice Cha   Greater Chicago

Charles Cha Greater Chicago

Brandon Hou Greater Chicago

Sylvia Lam  Greater Chicago

Kam Liu Greater Chicago

Ling Liu Greater Chicago

Kitty Pon  Greater Chicago

Woon-Wah Siu Greater Chicago

Donald Sheu   Greater Chicago

Theresa and Dr. Peter Chang Greater Houston

George Gee   Greater Houston

Hwa-Shan Ho Greater Houston

Alice and Mark Lee Greater Houston

Wen Ching Lee Greater Houston

Paul Y. Sha   Greater Houston

Martha Wong Greater Houston

Dai-Shan Wong   Greater Houston

Raymond Wong Greater Houston

Victoria Ma   Greater Houston

Deborah F. Ching and Mark M. Mayeda Greater Los Angeles

Michelle Chiu   Greater Los Angeles

Tom Hayashi Greater Los Angeles

Cassandra Kwoh   Greater Los Angeles

Eugene Moy Greater Los Angeles

Jeri Okamoto and Daniel Floyd Greater Los Angeles

Mary Au Greater Washington, DC

Glen Fukushima  Greater Washington DC

Ginny Gong   Greater Washington, DC

Kenneth Hum Greater Washington, DC

Michael C. Lin   Greater Washington, DC

Stan Lou Greater Washington, DC

Anchen Wang and Jimmy Lini Greater Washington, DC

David Yao Greater Washington, DC

Ed Webman   Greater Washington, DC

Peter Yang   Greater Washington, DC

Peter Wu Greater Washington, DC

Sandy Nguyen   Greater Washington, DC

Sandy Yan Greater Washington, DC

William and Ann Tong Greater Washington, DC

Kung Lee Wong Greater Washington, DC

Sharon Wong and Melanie Wong Greater Washington, DC

Jessie Cheng Hawaii

Carol Tsai Hawaii

Stanley Jsa Kentuckiana

Geoffrey Lee   Lehigh Valley

Ann Elizabeth and Howard Chan Long Island

Thomas and Farrah Eng Long Island

Rene Snuggs and Dean Franics Long Island

Peter K. Gong   Long Island

Edward Kang Long Island

Annie Kwan and Alan Ng Long Island

Albert Lau Long Island

Alfonso and Lana Tan Long Island

David Wong Long Island

Andrew K.C. Wong   Long Island

Patrick Leung Minnesota

George and Assunta Cha New England

Kevin and Linda Luke New England

Jane Chen New Jersey

Lian and Margaret C. Hao New Jersey

David T. Lin   New Jersey

Julie and Keith Wang New Jersey

Keith Wang New Jersey

Chung Shu and Sue Pai Yang New Jersey

Ying Chan and Kelvin Mark New York

Rose Eng New York

Jeanne Lee Jackson   New York

Thomas J. Lee New York

Wah Lee and Christina Chong New York

Betty Lee Sung New York

Marriam Tasawar New York

Benjamin Wallace   New York

Wilem Wong and Virginia Chow New York

Qing Wu New York

Alice Chang   Northern Virginia

Michele Kee and Joe Tam Northern Virginia

Songbae Lee   Northern Virginia

James Tso Northern Virginia

Frank and Heidi Liu Pittsburgh

Howard and Marie Chan Sacramento

Jee and Kim Choy Sacramento

Diana Gin Sacramento

Dwanchen and Rung Fong Hsu Sacramento

Richard Ikeda   Sacramento

Dominic Ling Sacramento

Sam Ong   Sacramento

Jimmie Yee Sacramento

C.C. and Regina Yin Sacramento

Claudine Cheng   San Francisco Bay

Michael Chiu San Francisco Bay

Wai Ling Eng   San Francisco Bay

Virginia C. and Herbert Gee San Francisco Bay

Helen Y.H. Hui San Francisco Bay

Amy Ai and Yu-Mei Lee San Francisco Bay

Robert E. Lee San Francisco Bay

David F. Lee III   San Francisco Bay

George M. Ong San Francisco Bay

Cindy Tong   San Francisco Bay

Jessie Lee Yip San Francisco Bay

Linda and Alan Bien San Mateo

Flora and Shu-Wing Chan San Mateo

Philip Wang   San Mateo

Stanley Wang San Mateo

Andrew Chen Sillicon Valley

Winnie Tang   South Florida

Austin and Mary Tao St. Louis

Wendy Karahalios Tucson

Sen Maw Fang and Theresa Fang Utah

Michael W. and Jennifer Kwan Utah

Jason Bobadilla and Caroline Mariposa Westchester/Hudson Valley

Jean and Stanley Chang Westchester/Hudson Valley

Jaclyn A. Chu Westchester/Hudson Valley

Celine Foung   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Gary Guo and Jin Li Westchester/Hudson Valley

William Kaung and Sinforosa Tan Westchester/Hudson Valley

Jenny Kho Westchester/Hudson Valley

Edwina Kho   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Elaine Lai and Robert Rosen Westchester/Hudson Valley

C. Joanna Lei   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Sheldon and Hong Pang Westchester/Hudson Valley

Lisa Summa Westchester/Hudson Valley

Peter To   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Andrew Torelli Westchester/Hudson Valley

Victor Yau   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Vincent Young Westchester/Hudson Valley

Mary Ann Yu   Westchester/Hudson Valley

Alice S. and Charles W. Cha  Westchester/Hudson Valley

Janet Lew Carr   Wisconsin

 (Updated: 6/9/2015)

If you are a Lifetime Member and not listed please contact Janet Namkung at


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